The Company


MRT was founded in 2003 as subsidiary of OBAG mbH. The objective was to expand the expertise of OBAG in reinforced concrete steel construction by the segment of assembly of reinforced concrete steel prefabricated parts. In other words, in case of need, the client receives the structural package of monolithic reinforced concrete steel construction and the assembly of reinforced concrete steel prefabricated parts from “one source”.

As a result of that, there are fewer cut surfaces and therefore lower friction losses between these modules.

As building contractor of the building and civil engineering trade, the basic idea was – and is – to include a wide and complete range of services so we can offer our clients the most varied service packages on request.

The centerpiece of this service package is the execution of any kind of prefabricated part assembly work supplemented by structural construction services such as foundation work, traditional in-situ concrete including formwork and reinforcement placing as well as completing structural services such as delivery and assembly of steel and wooden structures.

To accomplish this, we collaborate with competent and efficient prefabricated part factories and other suppliers.

The activities especially focus on demanding technical & technological projects in which many building projects must be completed in a short time. To do this, we supply our clients in all of Germany and since 2006 in Scandinavia as well.

Under the MRT motto “Lead Through Expertise”, we finish all construction projects on time and with high quality as part of a trusting collaboration with the client.

To achieve this, MRT utilizes qualified engineering and commercial staff that also includes building construction crane operators, welders and mechanical grouting workers.


Data & facts:

Core workforce as of June 2012:           30 employees
From which: 23 are industrial workers

6 are employees

1 is an executive

Sales: 2009: 4,164 thousand €

2010: 3,225 thousand €

2011: 3,755 thousand €